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DigiDMS Clearinghouse provides a full range of products and services to assist providers in taking control and managing the complete lifecycle of their claims. We provide fast and easy connectivity to all commercial and government payers who accept professional, institutional and dental electronic claims.

Our claims scrubbing and on-line editing features catch errors that lead to payer rejections and denials — and allow you to make corrections before your claims are forwarded to payers. Our claims workflow management solution provides complete claim tracking from submission through claim adjudication — and facilitates assignment of claims that need staff follow-up.

DigiDMS Clearinghouse analytical tools and reports help you manage denials, measure staff productivity, provide audit trails, compare payer payments and denials, and identify the most common reasons for claim errors, payer rejections and payer denials — helping your staff avoid these errors in the future.

We provide conversion of non-837 claim files — NSF professional, institutional and dental formats, professional and institutional paper print images, EMC, and a variety of other non-standard formats. Our print-to-paper services for professional, institutional and dental claims provide claim submissions to payers who do not accept electronic claims.

DigiDMS Clearinghouse offers providers Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) processing for downloading ERAs into practice management/billing systems to facilitate auto-posting — as well as providing human readable ERA reporting tools for manual posting and other analyses.

Our eligibility verification provides fast and easy access to payer eligibility and benefit information for establishing patient coverage, including co-payment and coinsurance and deductible amounts.

At the end of the day, we believe that the best marketing tool is an exceptionally satisfied customer, and we recognize that your satisfaction is based upon DigiDMS Clearinghouse providing you with the tools, services and support you need to maintain a profitable business.

What Does All This Mean to You as a Healthcare Provider?

  • Get Your Claims Paid faster

  • Fewer Denials

  • Reduced Workload for Staff

  • Easy to Use

  • Customization to Meet Your Specific Needs

  • End-to-end Lifecycle Management for Every Claim

  • Excellent Customer Support

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