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The traditional model of a private practice has been physicians providing excellent medical care while leaving the business details to their administrative staff.

The modern healthcare system is more complex. Physicians must not only demonstrate their value to patients but also to manage care organizations, hospitals and other healthcare consumers. Health Insurance companies have created a system so confusing that the average physician has to increasingly devote time, effort, and resources merely to sustain their practices. Presently the challenge for physicians is to provide inexpensive, high quality care while simultaneously maintaining a profitable business.

The primary and most easily preventable reason for delayed and diminished cash flow in a medical practice is improper medical billing. Physicians can expect to lose up to 15-20% of their annual revenue if proper attention is not given to their accounts. The complications of medical billing now require a specialist. With reduced reimbursement rates from insurance companies and ever-changing policies, it is now more important than ever that claims be processed accurately the first time.

Digital Medical Billing inc. Two-Tier System
The goal of any medical practice is to be sure that claims are billed for every patient visit and sent to the insurance companies in a timely fashion to insure the highest possible reimbursement. Digital Medical Billing Inc.'s philosophy has always been to take a proactive approach to medical billing. In other words, 30 seconds of effort in checking a patient's eligibility saves a practice from waiting an extra 30 days for a denied claim to be fixed, resubmitted, and finally paid. Keeping that goal in mind DigiDMS has devised a comprehensive two tier system which focuses on critical stages of the medical billing cycle. Using a highly sophisticated billing system called DigiDMS, DigiDMS can optimize any doctor's collection rates. This system is fully installed in the doctor's office and DigiDMS uses it solely by remote internet connections. This gives clients direct access to their billing data and an ability to audit DigiDMS's services at any point in time.

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